India license to Malayasia
August 28, 2023

Indian DL conversion process* :

  1. Please arrange all documents as per list below
  2. Go to Wangsa Maju JPJ office , there is a seperate queue for License conversion- don’t stand normal lengthy queue, directly walk in and ask gateway security to allow in for foreign license conversion
  3. All documents will be verified first at a designated counter , the person in this counter will issue a token number
  4. Wait for your token number to be called out
  5. The documents will be verified agian with Orginal DL and Passport by the application processing officer
  6. The application processing officer will confirm available appointment date and time then book your appointment and give appointment receipt
  7. You need to go back on appointment date and time, The application processing officer will verify all original documents then issue a acknowledgemnt slip
  8. After 30 days you can check the conversion status on the website using the reference number in the acknowledgemnt slip
  9. If license is approved , you need to bring the acknowledgemnt slip and a passport size photo to the same JPJ office for license issue.

Document list :

  1. Borang permohonan lesen memandu (JPJL1)
  2. Lampiran B-2
  3. Copy of Visa
  4. Passport copy (front & back)
  5. Home country DL copy ( Front and Back on same page)
  6. Company letter for employment verification Original not printed copy ( but sometime they ask for MDEC letter as well, better to have both )
  7. Online DL extract from > > Select state > Select DL services > Search for your DL > Take a printscreen of the entire webpage ( total 3 pages) –
  8. Carry passport and original DL

Please note : The process is for people who have an chip based DL issued from home country. For Non-Chip based , there may be some changes which the officer may tell. we had Chip -based DLA hence the above shared process will be followed.

JPJ Office address below

PJ KL – Setapak WP Kuala Lumpur | Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan, Lot 14264, Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Documents Required: